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Translation is the art of transferring texts from a source language into a target language, without ever changing their actual meaning. In a world that is constantly changing, communication is the key to build strong and trustworthy relationships and translation is the tool that unlocks all barriers.

We specialize in technical translation, and provide translation services for legal, financial, corporate, academic, medical, and specialized documents of any type and nature. We also provide translation services for certificates, websites, reports, emails, etc. Whether you are looking for certified or non-certified translations, we cover all your needs, as we provide Sworn Translations, Certified Translations and Non-Certified translations.

Non-Certified translations are provided for documents that will be used unofficially, therefore they bear no official stamp or seal, but they are true and accurate translations of the original source text. Usually, this service is provided to students, academics, profit or non-profit organizations, local authorities, and small companies. Non-certified translations are also useful for setting up websites or creating meaningful and engaging content for your social media.

Certified translations, on the other hand, are provided in cases when documents need to be submitted for official use. These translations are accompanied by a translator’s written statement, they are stamped and sealed either by our Director or by both our Director and the Court’s Registrar.

Since 2019, under the Law on Registration and Regulation of the Sworn Translators’ services in the Republic of Cyprus, (Law 45(I)/2019), Sworn Translations are provided for original and official documents intended for use either by the Cypriot Authorities of by foreign authorities that conform to the said legislation. According to the said Law, sworn translations are offered from a foreign language into Greek or into Turkish only and vice versa, bearing the official seal of the Republic and a €2 stamp.

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