Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Simultaneous interpreting, also known as conference interpreting, is the process when the interpreter reformulates the speech of a speaker of one language into a whole new speech of another language in real-time. The speakers do not pause, and the interpreter must translate everything into the target language without wasting the time of the audience.

Simultaneous interpreting brings together the audience and speakers in multilingual conferences, seminars, official meetings, and multinational organizations. To ensure that the process of simultaneous interpreting runs smoothy, professional equipment needs to be set up in advance and it shall include interpreting booths, headphones, microphones, or alternatively portable interpretation equipment.

Interpreters are required to remain calm and be able to work well under pressure while listening actively and understanding what the speaker talks about. While sitting in their booth, interpreters need to analyse the message of the speech, and simultaneously reproduce the meaning into the target language. Meanwhile, the participants watch the actual speaker and wear headphones through which they can hear everything that is stated in real time in a language they can understand.

Traditionally simultaneous interpreting was offered by onsite interpreters, recently though, and especially during and after the pandemic, remote simultaneous interpretation has revolutionized the industry. Although the same quality of interpretation is provided by professional interpreters in remote locations, the cost reduces significantly.

Simultaneous interpreting requires a lot of attention, a sharp memory and the ability to speak a language while listening to another language at the same time. To achieve that, interpreters are taught at university some key skills which are essential to their daily practice, while rigorous training is essential for their work.

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