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Proofreading and Editing are considered the final stage of a translation cycle. It is the stage of quality control process, ensuring that a document does not contain any mistakes in punctuation, grammar, spelling, typos, sentence structure, formatting, style, etc. People often undermine the importance of this stage, but it is probably the only stage when a translator can identify and correct minor errors that can change the whole meaning of a translation.

At the stage of editing a translator corrects issues related to language clarity and sentence construction to improve clarity and cohesion of the target text. While translating, a translator does not have the time required to reconstruct a text, it is rather an automated procedure that comes out naturally most of the times. That’s why editing is an essential stage during the process of translation, as it allows translators to improve the flow and overall quality of their writing.

Proofreading on the other hand, focuses on numerical, textual, and other errors, as well as on punctuation and misspellings. When working with parallel texts, it is very common to encounter such mistakes, as the focus falls on the translation and not on transferring the style from one language into another.

However, a translator’s job is not just to provide the proper meaning of a text, but rather to rebuild and format a target text to produce an identical copy of the source text.

If you have translated any document – either specialized or non-specialized – but you are not sure that the translation is true and faithful, we can edit and proofread it for you and deliver a polished version thereof!

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